Pastel encounter heavy metal

The Burberry Prorsum spring / summer 2014 London show became macarons, lotus root starch colour makeup is purple and soft, and it does not lose the lovely pink. Tom Ford this season main heavy metals, in order to highlight the various splicing shining fragments and a single product mix of skin, hair and makeup are based on “Simple” lining propagation. When pastel encounter heavy feeling makeup, do you prefer? YOKA fashion network invited the skin care and make-up consultant a-zhi teacher, exclusive secret London Fashion Week fashion makeup.

Heavy metal feeling makeup
The Burberry Prorsum spring / summer 2014 London show into a box of macarons, sweet color, coupled with a large number of the use of lace, soft texture, the whole series of girl full flavor.

The urberry Prorsum spring summer 2014 show in London
In order to cope with the theme of the season “soft”, Burberry Prorsum2014 spring / summer show highlights is the choice of color makeup makeup, bold and ingenious use of the lotus pink, it is purple and soft, and not to lose the lovely pink.


Backstage Beauty: Val Garland Dreams Up the New Cat Eye for Hache

Val Garland is a master of thinking on her feet. For the Hache makeup test on Sunday, she entered the studio cold—never having even glimpsed the new spring 2014 collection beforehand. She reviewed the inspirations for the line with designer Manuela Arcari and stylist Havana Laffitte—a rock ‘n’ roll-meets-romanticism vibe—while an assistant meticulously laid out Garland’s entire makeup kit, littered with yet-to-launch M.A.C products.

Backstage Beauty
“The collection feels quite sweet but we want something strong and graphic—like a biker chick mixed with a teddy boy,” she said as she began drafting a sideways lightning bolt shape on a model’s lid with M.A.C Crème Liner.

Next, Garland earnestly began searching for a very specific shade for the lip look. “I want a nasty sort of salmon. Something really nasssssty,” she hissed, rejecting milder coral and peach hues with a shoo of her hand. “I want one of those opaque, chalky, ‘60s apricot colors—something that’s a little bit off, which reflects the collection.” Finally, she conjured up the ideal hue by mixing an orange gloss (M.A.C Lipmix in Orange) with a chubby persimmon lip pencil (the new-for-spring Velvetease Lip Pencil in Lovers Lane).

Garland stepped back to inspect her design. “That doesn’t look that interesting with the eyes open, only with the eyes closed. Doesn’t it?” she asked her team. Garland plunged back into the look a second time and began smudging black cream along the lower lash lines and painting over her bolt with liner all over the lids. She extended two stripes—one along the lashes and the other in the sockets—past the inner and outer corners to create double wings on both sides. While she worked, an assistant shined a flashlight onto the model’s face (any other light would make the model’s eyes tear).

After she finished coloring in and flicking out the lids, Garland decided she was pleased enough with her second iteration. She escorted the model to Arcari and Laffitte, who for their parts, had secluded themselves during the entire process. It was the moment of reckoning. “It’s funny, it ended up being very Fabulous Stains,” said Lafitte, referencing the ‘80s film starring Diane Lane. Garland nodded her head. “Alright, cool!” Lafitte announced, giving her final approval as Arcari watched on without a word, but a smile. And with that, the acute and quick-witted Garland aced the test.


Sustained high temperatures, Woman whitening program

Sustained high temperatures, Woman worried that the strong ultraviolet grill mode, will not let go sunburn tanned skin does not return. How to pack the perfect grill mode whitening your dreams, so that the skin on a perfect resist and repair the microcirculation. Sun does not hurt sun is not black, perfectly transparent white, then start from now.


The sun is the biggest culprit leading whitening invalid, how can the sun is not black sun does not hurt to reach their whitening dreams. First, we must understand that whitening is a system job, rather than a single theory. To dream of your perfect whitening package, to have the following elements: for example spike melanin magic, perfect antioxidant weapon, shield light invasion barrier repair photodamage artifact, powerful cleaning lasting Hydra private property as well as clearing the skin surface rendering garbage and so on. These products are packaged individually into the dream whitening systems, whitening dream will finally shines into reality.

1.Botany whitening lotion

Melanin is the skin due to UV damage and avoid being affected by a substance produced by themselves, in essence, is based on a protective skin. Only in the ultraviolet excessive invasion, the skin’s micro-circulation is blocked, the skin surface deposition of excessive whitening discouraging people dream of. Especially in summer, such a situation is extremely common. The botany department whitening lotion, moisturizing properties of its safety, high moisture and perfectly export melanin, skin whitening eliminate hidden dangers.

2.Oxidation of the sun brings distress, which can not be assessed amazing. So the work of antioxidant weapon can only be used to complete. Because oxidation of the skin as well as the first display is a dull uneven skin tone, skin problems will follow-up inter-related and sequential display. So pack your dreams whitening, anti-oxidation of the weapon can not be less.

3. When people SPF upgrade from fifteen to thirty, and from thirty to fifty upgrade, five times the SPF is enough? In the face of the grill mode when no one could identify. Nevertheless, sunscreen or to prepare with, and must carry twenty-four hours, instant can not relax at night

4. Photoaging photodamage are no longer a new topic, photodamage caused by allergies, spots and aging skin deep drawn more and more attention. To whiten your dream of success, must be thoroughly repaired and cleared skin photodamage, to give the skin to replenish their energy, for the completion of the skin’s own self-repair work.

5. Cleansing products, cleaning of garbage will become less acne, acne and dull direct incentives, such as make-up residues, etc., which is responsible for rendering protection when standing besides exfoliating product, there is a powerful the cleansing oil, rendering these two objects are packaged essential whitening program.

Fashion missionaries: the Pope is the protagonist of fashion

From March election date, from Argentina Franciscan pope has always maintained a good public image. The “poor man’s Pope” insisted the simple concept of life, do not wear red shoes, do not live in the Vatican’s private apartment, do not take the parade dedicated car. Humility earned him the Pope’s “throne”, and in his subtle influence, the Italian luxury brand began quietly began to change.
Next month, the designer Karl Lagerfeld will launch a named “Fashion as religion” documentary to celebrate his 75th birthday. The documentary After more than 16 months of tracking shot and fashionable metaphor for the “religion” that the fashion magazine that is the Bible, the model is beautiful angel, and consumers compared with the faithful. Of course, Karl’s role in the movie is playing a true pope. Karl does not agree with the Pope, however this title, he considers himself merely a “fashion missionary,” while he also papal fashion degree have their own views, “I think it should be the only fashion pope pope Pius XII, although we do not remember him, but I think he is very elegant. pope John XXIII is the most attractive. “Pius XII dress with embroidered cuffs and edges, said shoulder dress, silk and metallic fabrics are his favorite.

Senior fashion critic Suzy Menkes author apparently noticed this change in her ” New York Times ” wrote fashion , writes : “Today’s aesthetic has been with former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi sex party for those in breast uplift, exposed legs a far cry from the sexy suit the politician and media mogul has elected three times …… hard collar and neck snugly fitting, long-sleeved shirt is very simple, dignified manner over the knee skirts , flat black shoes, very manly . Although the toe jewel light to remind us that this is the fashion show , not a priest serving procession . ”
Italian version of ” Vanity Fair” will be the new pope named ” Person of the Year .” People inside the church praising his courage . Such people like Elton John also praise him, and he says the magazine : “In this age of vanity , Franciscan humility is a miraculous person .” The new pope since he took office , it seems that people are struggling to erase the previous pope Benedict XVI impression. People often former Pope Benedict XVI described as wearing Prada shoes the Pope , although his followers denied that he had through the Prada shoes. He is undoubtedly particularly fond of historical and religious significance of the robe, cloak and headdress. There are a satirical YouTube video , called ” Vatican dresser , stylish pope ” , the video shows Benedict XVI through the 48 different sets of robes , hats , capes and sleeveless robes.

In fact, the pope is not like nowadays people comment on the same. Almost every office of any new pope , will lead to a burst of new wave . Benedict XVI ‘s predecessor , much media attention John Paul II is the world’s most photographed public figures, but he is also a well-known practitioner . John – John Paul II during his lifetime like wearing a pair of brown old shoes . Assassination in 1981 before the attacks , the Polish pope often take his predecessor left behind a 1960s production Mercedes car parade in Rome . John – John Paul II, the first term of 10 years , Product Placement infancy ; during his tenure of the last 10 years of his failing health .

Benedict XVI give you a more stylish impression , an international brand, flavor transformation is also welcomed by the public . In the reign of Benedict XVI , he put on a sweatband sponsored Geox shoes ; because wear Serengeit sunglasses, so as to promote the sales of the brand sunglasses ; received as a gift a customized specifically for the iPod Nano; also for their own use in the Vatican gardens put on the Italian high-end electric car brand Natuzzi leather interior . Interbrand UK subsidiary chief executive John Allert said the Pope to establish the brand and the associated value than the value associated with top celebrities at least 100 times larger , because the Pope has a more loyal followers.


Once upon a time, religion is restricted fashion, tailor Filippo Gammarelli family from 1798 onwards for the Pope sewing garments, he believes that “the Vatican’s style has never been the same.” Although located in the heart of Italy, although here is the fashion trends of the world’s most influential places in the world, but the Vatican’s clothing styles change very cautious. Vatican Vatican recognized for hundreds of years people adage is that the Holy See without spring. But Filippo suddenly a change lipped, and said, “like politicians, like cardinals and bishops are like beautiful and some bishops let them sew civilian clothes, fabric is tweed and flannel, even if the implementation of the new pope simple wind , but they still can not forget previous pope impact on them. ”

In the streets of Rome, the Church reserves the bundles of clothing store scarlet and purple fabric pope dedicated spare, such as Via Santa Chiara street Gamarelli and Via de Cestari street DeRitis stores. There are many gold-plated decorative ribbon tied, though the flash is no longer a real gold thread.

Reviews Sexy Hair Concepts Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Sexy Hair Concepts Volumizing Dry Shampoo

I’m on my 3rd bottle of this and it is the only dry shampoo that I LOVE. I have long hair and i try only to wash it twice a week and this dry shampoo is what makes my hair look great on the days that I need a pick me up with out washing all my hair. Yes, it does make your hair feel “dirty” but I like that. I spray just a tad on my roots and where I see my hair is greasy, let it sit for about a min and then rub my hands in a back and forth motion to make sure it picked up all the oils from my hair. I would say you only need a little bit of it.. the more your spray the more you hair will have that dirty textured feeling to it, you just need a little bit and shake it up before you spray. Also, it gives volume at the roots which i love.. sometimes i’ll go in a tease to add more volume.
If you don’t like the dirty feel then this isn’t for you. I don’t even notice it because i don’t run my fingers through my hair at the top of my head.. normally I just let it be and the rest of my hair still feels great… it saves me tons of time and my hair is healthier from not washing it everyday and using curling irons or flat irons all the time.
I used this after my half – marathon when I didnt have time to wash my hair in the shower and my hair still looked awesome.. no one would have ever guessed I ran 13 miles.. this product has saved my life countless times!

Reviews – Rimmel Mascara&Glam Eyes


This stuff sucked as a mascara for me. It smudged like CRAZY on my oily skin. My lashes were volumized, but that was because the brush didn’t have enough bristles to brush out the product, and the stopper wouldn’t take off enough of the excess. No matter what method I used, this mascara just didn’t look good on… It wasn’t very black, either. It was a greyish black.

I ran out of eyeliner one day so I tried using this as a replacement gel liner by putting it on the black of my hand and dipping a wet eyeliner brush into it. Huh. It worked! I got a nice, matte line, that could be drawn very precisely. It smudged much less than it did when I used it as a mascara, but still smudged. But the fact it wasn’t black enough, and that I couldn’t use much of the product because of its packaging as a mascara, made it a deal breaker…
This stuff comes off pretty easily. Melted off with Bioderma.
I won’t repurchase this, nor would I recommend it. It’s pretty mediocre overall.

New term student makeup – Incarnation school Idol beauty

Want to become more popular, then do not miss this issue of student makeup makeup tips, irresistible beauty makeup popular methods coming soon! Novices learn make absolutely can not miss this makeup of the painting.

Current makeup tips for you to create so boys and girls can not refuse the sweet face, easily become a new generation of campus idol!

Containing pearl effect moisturizing foundation, using foundation makeup sponge to gently spread evenly, creating a bright pure skin texture.

Choose lighter than their skin color concealer with whitewash dipped in dark circles as well as the T-zone area in a thin smear, not only to cover up dark blemishes, but also play the role brighten the T-zone, so that more three-dimensional facial .

Pink is a sweet magic of color, dipped into the high-light powder pink, the highest point of the cheekbones and chin protruding parts centers spread further to create a three-dimensional pink beauty.

Natural not artificial makeup makeup definitely better than not with people closer distance, so the shadow should not use too strong colors. With a finger dipped m gold pearl eye shadow, eye socket in the whole wide range of painting, let your eyes do now brilliance!

With brown eyeliner pen, fingers gently pulling the upper eyelid along the lash roots to draw a thin liner, so look soft but clear.

Alice eyelashes with eyelash curler after the first mascara smear again, pay attention not to start too heavy, so eyelashes caking. After the upper and lower end of eye wear false eyelashes naturally paid half, and inviting hairy big eyes appeared!

Lower end of eye 1/3 Apply a small amount of mid-tone brown eye shadow to create a delicate and charming drooping under the eyes.

Eyebrows without repair was too small, you know today is the most popular, but rough Brows Oh! Simply trim down their brows Soke, and then use and their own hair color similar Eyebrow Mascara smudges can, so eyebrows soft non-pretentious, gives a natural impression.

Choose blush pink with orange sense, so as not to sweet peach overdone! Stucco dipped orange blush on the cheeks oval lightly, to create a good healthy pink color.

Coral lips with pink lip gloss close to the water toot people feel good bite one!

Complete makeup

So naturally they look cute, is not it simple? Exudes the atmosphere of sweet peach pink beauty Yan, let you become a starting today popular girl!